Over the Top Rope Battle Royale

The biggest Shieldiversary Battle Royale yet with 15 competitors representing Almost Pro, Contract Wrestling and PBW and the stipulation that the winner will become number on contender to the Almost Pro Championship!
Nicky Starr and Danny Edwards would start this intense Battle Royale and every 60 seconds a new competitor would enter the match!
When it was all said and done it was Nicky Starr that outlasted 14 other competitors including the onslaught of The Beast Louis Hanlon and Archon, Starr eliminated Jonah Phoenix to become the NEW number one contender to the Almost Pro Championship!

Strange negotioations

Our cameras took us backstage following the Battle Royale to see Tri-Bad knocking on the door of The Grunge City Prophet Rev, handing him an envelope and ominously commanding “By any means necessary”

What did Tri-Bad mean by that and what was in the envelople?

Triple Threat

Victor Von Valtz, Joseph Biggs and Dean Ford meet in a highly anticipated Triple Threat match!
Ford & Biggs made the early decision to join forces in order to take the huge Victor Von Valtz out to turn the contest into a one on one match without the Monster lingering over them but that didn’t last long as after going back and forth Valtz reentered the ring to wipe out both Biggs and Ford!
The former Almost Pro & Tag Team Champion took control throwing his opponents around the ring at will.
Ford would make use of his Mixed Martial Arts background to stage a comeback and the heart of Joseph Biggs did not keep him down for long however it was Victor Von Valtz that walked away with the victory!

Rosie Nyte’s time?

Rosie Nyte was met backstage by a member of our Broadcast Team, Stallion as we got her thoughts on how she felt heading into her ALmost Pro Women’s Championship match with Angel Hayze.
Nyte riding a wave of momentum stated she was excited, realising what a huge opportunity this was regardless of her short time on the roster she is determined to make the most of this chance and walk out the NEW Women’s Champion.
This didn’t sit too well with Angel Hayze who interrupted the interview to belittle the challenger’s chances of beating her.

The Grunge City Prophet vs Chase Striker

The best part of a year in the making as The Grunge City Prophet Rev goes one on one with Almost Pro’s own, Chase Striker!
With no love lost between the two this match got intense quickly as the pair went back and forth in and around the ring!
It was Rev that too the upper hand with his well documented aggression keeping Striker grounded but unable to keep him down for the 3 count.
Not one to go down without a fight Striker managed to rally, The Grunge City Prophet was on the back foot but turned it around to finally defeat Striker using the Anaconda Vice for the submission win!
Rev wouldn’t stop there as after the match he wrapped a chain around Striker’s face and neck, reapplying the Anaconda Vice!
Thankfully for Striker Jonah Phoenix would hit the ring with an equaliser in the form of a steel chair to send the Grunge City Prophet running from the ring.
Then in a shock turn of events Phoenix would then use that steel chair to assault his on/off tag team partner leaving him lying broken in the centre of the ring!

Card subject to change!

It is well known at this point that ANYTHING can happen at Shield Pro and at Shieldiversary it is no different!
The Weird & Wonderful hit the ring but not for their scheduled Tag Team Title defence!
This time it was business as the excited champs stood with Lord Mann in the centre of the ring give the fans a HUGE surprise!
The fun didn’t stop there as before the buzz of the new title could calm Rabbit called out the Almost Pro Champion to the ring!
As The Showman stood in the ring looking puzzled he was given a monumental choice! The Showman could either defend his Almost Pro Championship against his scheduled opponent Yorkshire Dale OR he could have an opportunity at the brand new Shield Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship BUT! He would have to vacate the Almost Pro Championship first!
After some enthusiastic prompting from the fans in the Almost Pro Arena The Showman vacated his title!
And the announcement was made thsat the new Main Event for Shieldiversary 3 would be The Showman Domonic Davenport vs Assassin vs Kid Fite for the Shield Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship in a LADDER MATCH!
But what about the Almost Pro Title?
Rabbit would announce that Yorkshire Dale does still get the Championship opportunity but his opponent would now be… OLIVER BARRETT!

Almost Pro Championship!

After the shock announcement of the new Shield Pro Championship, The Showman vacating the Almost Pro Championship. We are guaranteed NEW Almost Pro Champion at Shieldiversary as Yorkshire Dale goes one on one with Tri-Bad’s Oliver Barrett!
You could argue the pressure was on for your friendly neighbourhood scarecrow who has been in this position before yet has not been able to take that title back to the farm!
From the bell it was clear just how serious these two competitors were taking this opportunity as both came close to taking an early victory!
Barrett was able to gain the upper hand on the match but Yorkshire Dale refused to stay down!
Both competitors would even be bust open as a clash of heads opened up a cut above Yorkshire Dale’s eye slowly filling his mask with blood whilst Barrett bled from a gash on the back of his head!
Regardless of the loss of blood neither competitor lowered the pace knowing that the Almost Pro Championship was on the line!
Barrett would however use his injury as a way of luring the referee in the way to avoid a running knee from Yorkshire Dale however Dale still managed to put Barrett down! The crowd may have counted to 10 but the referee was unable to count the 3!
Dale would try and bring Referee Jack Foster back into the action but would turn around into Oliver Barrett striking him over the head with the Almost Pro Championship and demanding a new Referee to finish the match!
New official Lewis Kelly ran to the ring but Dale kicked out at 2!
Barrett in shock went to put Dale away for good but was countered! Dale still had some energy left as he fought back!
Dale had Barrett down and was calling for it to be over. The fans in the Almost Pro Arena could feel the new Almost Pro Champion being crowned but with everything he had left in the tank Barrett was able to roll up Yorkshire Dale for the count of 3 and become your NEW Almost Pro Champion!

Backstage with Assassin

Our cameras headed backstage with Stallion to get Assassin’s opinion on tonight’s breaking news of the new Shield Pro Championship and the Ladder match he would be competing in.
Assassin was admittedly in shock but has one game plan. Walk out of Shieldiversary as the Shield Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion!

2 out of 3 falls

Without doubt the most heated confrontation expected at Shieldiversary as for months Tri-Bad and the Almost Pro Tag Team Champions The Weird & Wonderful have been at war! Tri-Bad have stolen the Tag Team Titles, Weird & Wonderful invaded a meet and greet to claim them back and this fight was even taken to the pub as Rabbit was assaulted at the Rock Night he hosts!
Tri-Bad hit the ring full of confidence having already seen their team mate claim the Almost Pro Championship!
The Weird & Wonderful came out but the look of excitement we saw earlier had changed to that of focus and revenge!
Not waiting for the bell the Champions used their own bodies as projectiles launching themselves out of the ring to take out their challengers!
Brawling around the ring to the delight of the fans Fracture and Paddy Flannagan would finally enter the ring to officially start the match.
The bell rang, Fracture the Clown landed a stunner on Paddy Flannagan and the Weird & Wonderful claimed the first fall!
Tri-Bad regained their senses after being surprised by the quick start of the first fall and the power of the challengers showed through as they were able to ground Rabbit and cut the ring in half to prevent him getting the tag to his partner who was left frustrated on the apron.
The referee would struggle to control the tensions between the teams as the second fall unravelled into a brawl!
A brawl which would land Rabbit in the way of Tri-Bad’s double knees allowing Tri-Bad to make it one fall a piece.
The third fall devolved as all 4 competitors came to blows. Tumbling from the ring and brawling around ringside!
Tri-Bad turned the brawl into a 2 on 1 situation as Rabbit was disposed of on the stage. The referee desperately trying to find some order and talk sense into the competitors to take it back to the ring. Unfortunately enforcing the law on this occasion backfired as the referee was caught in the crossfire of Rabbit diving back into the action!
Rabbit scrambled back into the ring with Paddy Flannagan hoping to finish the match and retain the title Rabbit ascended to the top rope looking for the Swanton Bomb only for the Grunge City Prophet to distract him making his way out onto the stage.
Confused the Weird & Wonderful would come under attack from Victor Von Valtz and Archon who would take out Fracture with a Huge double big boot and Rabbit with a double chokeslam!
Did we just see the result of their meeting earlier in the night? Paddy Crawled over to Rabbit for the cover as the referee re entered the ring. but Rabbit kicked out!
With everything he had left in the tank Rabbit went onto the offensive in a desperate attempt to save their Titles but Haydon Tempest caught him in mid air and turned to throw Rabbit like a dart into the oncoming knee of Paddy Flannagan!
This was finally enough as Tri-Bad claimed the third and final fall to become the NEW and 2 time Almost Pro Tag Team Champions!

Backstage with Kid Fite

Stallion was once again backstage this time with the final competitor of the Ladder Match Main Event, Kid Fite.
And Fite was on fire with excitement after his conversation last month. Feeling a little under appreciated. Like he’s missing out on opportunities and went on to defeat Victor Von Valtz to make his statement.
Is it going to be Kid Fite’s moment tonight?
Who will win the Shield Pro Heavyweight Championship?

Almost Pro Women’s Championship

After already having a small war of words earlier in the night it’s finally time for Rosie Nyte vs Angel Hayze for the Almost Pro Women’s Championship!
Rosie Nyte earned her 6 points to get this match by defeating Marcy Wilde not once but twice! However going up against Angel Hayze will not be easy as the Champ has successfully defnded her title aginst the likes of Emily Hayden and Little Miss Roxxy holding the belt for 245 days!
The 2 competitors know each other very well having both come through the ranks of the PBW Academy and facing each other all over the UK!
Nyte started the match off enthusiastically getting the better of the Champ but the experience factor kicked in for Angel Hayze as she weathered the storm and gained the upper hand!
The magnitude of this opportunity drove the challenger Rosie Nyte who would not stay down forcing Hayze to keep altering her strategy.
That never say die attitude, refusing to stay down would cause the Champ to become frustrated and in that frustrated Hayze’s strategy became retain at all costs as she brought the title in the ring hoping to use it as a weapon.
The referee refused to allow it to happen taking the title belt from her and using the distracting Rosie Nyte went on the offensive and then scrambling into a cover and the referee counted 1, 2, 3!
Rosie Nyte is the NEW Almost Pro Women’s Champion!

The Main Event!

Shieldiversary has already been chaotic and action packed but it wasn’t over yet!
It’s time for the Main Event! A Ladder Match for the Shield Pro Heavyweight Championship!
The Showman Domonic Davenport vs Assassin vs Kid Fite!
Who will be claiming this historic Shieldiversary moment and walking out the Champion!?
Each competitor has experience in this type of match. All bets are off!
With a lot of mutual respect between the competitors the match began with the 3 testing the waters and feeling each other out but it did not take long for the Ladders to be introduced!
All 3 men in this match got the chance to get ahead but no one would stay down long enough to create an opportunity to reach for the Title.
Now former Almost Pro Champion The Showman looked as though he would take charge as he introduced a table into the match as he set up Kid Fite in the corner. Fite slipped out of Davenport’s grip and followed it up with a huge power bomb through the table!
Assassin would then take down Kid Fite and begin a climb for the Championship but Fite would come back at him with a steel chair!
Back on his feet Davenport would take out Kid Fite with a well placed baseball slide into a Ladder and with Fite down on the outside the path was clear!
Davenport and Assassin made the climb, throwing punches to try and knock each other down a rung when the lights went out!
The video that has appeared over the last 2 month but this time the target was found! A count down begun.
Max Heat hit the ring pushing over the ladder holding Assassin and Davenport and then he turned his attention to Assassin assaulting him with a Ladder and then a steel chair!
With the job done Heat took his leave with Assassin left lying!
Davenport and Fite left to battle it out for the title! Davenport took quick control! Fite reversed a whip sending The Showman into a steel chair propped up in the corner!
Fite set up the Ladder in the middle of the ring and made the climb to become the Shield Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion!