SHIELD WARS Results 25/01/2020

Unsanctioned – Max Heat vs Assassin

Max Heat returned at Shieldiversary and made one hell of an impact when he attacked Assassin during the Shield Pro Heavyweight Championship match! And after months of mind games there was only one way to settle this. A FIGHT! No Rules. No official capacity other than a referee to call the winner. Unsanctioned!
As expected things kicked off quickly. Not waiting to be introduced the fight started backstage and spilled into the arena!
Both competitors took turns in beating one another down and it wasn’t long until weapons were introduced!
Baking trays, steel chairs, tables. Neither competitor would walk out of here the same!
Max Heat seemed to be in control but before he could finish off Assassin with a pair of steel chairs Nicky Starr would interfere to stop Heat trying to get some measure of revenge for being assaulted at the start of the night.
Heat would gain some control over the match again after setting up a table but another distraction from Starr gave Assassin time to recover enough to counter Heat and send him crashing through a table with a vicious power bomb from the top rope and covering Heat for some well deserved retribution!

Tag Team Championship

Tri-Bad were heading into Shield Wars with no opponents and were ready to enjoy a night off until Dean Ford and Krieger reminded the Champs that they’ve never managed to beat them yet. Instead of their usual tactic of complaining and moaning about it. Tri-Bad accepted the challenge and were ready make an example out of their latest challengers.
Ford & Krieger started off bright with a clear psychological advantage over the Champs.
Wouldn’t be long until Tri-Bad set the match to their pace with their advantage of being the most experienced team.
Tri-Bad started cruising and it looked as they were going to retain but Ford and Krieger would not stay down.
The match then swayed when Paddy Flannagan got into an altercation with tonight’s official Jack Foster who after being shoved into the corner by Flannagan unleashed a drop kick that rocked one half of the Tag Team Champions!
This lead to Dean Ford taking advantage and almost picking up his second Almost Pro Tag Team Title!
But one desperation move later and Tri-Bad threw everything they had at the challengers hitting a Tri-Fector and forcing referee Jack Foster to count the 3 to remain the Champs!

Women’s Championship – Jordan vs Nyte

Jokey unfortunately had to retract her challenge to the Almost Pro Women’s Championship however Chantal Jordan was given the call as a replacement!
This match has been highly sought after as Jordan has been making quite a name for herself around the UK!
The excitement was immeasurable as these Women hit the ring and they did not disappoint as both Chantal Jordan and Rosie Nyte hit the ground running and just did not let the pace slow down!
Both challenger and Champion went move for move, blow for blow. The crowd was torn but would erupt when Rosie Nyte countered Jordan’s attack into a brutal tilt-a-whirl DDT which was enough to keep Jordan down and retain the Women’s Championship!
Both women showed a tremendous amount of respect towards one another with a post match hug and a hand shake.

Roster Roulette

Last year we introduced Roster Roulette! Any member of the Roster eligible to compete for the Almost Pro Championship!
Roster Roulette returns this year and Champion Oliver Barrett was eager to face whoever the roulette revealed.
Barrett’s long time rival. They met in the Main Event of the very first episode of Almost Pro. They collided in the Almost Pro Championship tournament in which Barrett suffered an injury and who could forget their epic Last Man Standing match at the very first Shield Wars!
Every step of the way Biggs seems to have had Barrett’s number. Are we looking at the NEW Almost Pro Champion?!
The strategy was clear from the start! Throw everything they’ve got at each other!
Hard hitting, fast paced action which came so close to crowning Joseph Biggs the new Almost Pro Champion but it was Barrett that put the exclamation point on this brutal contest to retain the Title!

Grunge City Rev vs Fracture the Clown

Rev has been promising to destroy Shield Pro from top to bottom, inside and out and to prove that he has targeted Fracture the Clown!
Rev is definitely inside Fracture’s head which set up this match! Shield Wars is the place to settle scores!
Fracture started the match well with his technical efficiency being too much for Rev to handle. This frustrated The Grunge City Prophet who turned to his well documented aggression to over power Fracture!
Rev’s arrogance lead to his control of the match slipping through his fingers when a little bit too much shouting at the crowd gave Fracture enough time to recover and go on the offensive!
Fracture had the match won when he was interrupted by his own entrance music playing before the count of 3 which stunned the crowd and even more so when the Beast Louis Hanlon emerged through the curtain dressed as Fracture.
The REVolution’s mind games worked perfectly as Rev rolled up Fracture to steal the victory!

The Main Event!

Kid Fite defends the Shield Pro Heavyweight Championship for the first time against NXT UK Superstar, THE PRIMATE!
The match began with each competitor trying to feel out the other technically. Back and forth they went with the speed game before Primate took control with the power game.
The crowd fed into the big fight feel as they split their loyalties on who they wanted to walk out the Champion.
Kid Fite was in control using his speed and technical ability to wear down the mighty Primate.
Primate was able to tune in to that animalistic instinct to come out swinging. Over powering the Champ and Kid Fite found himself on the ropes.
In a flurry of offence from the pair, both almost putting each other away only to be frustrated by a kick out.
It wouldn’t be until Kid Fite landed his patented DDT whcih was enough to keep the Primate down long enough for a successful first title defence!