Almost Pro Wrestling School Update

Following a phone call with Chuter Ede regarding our return to the Centre for Training and Live Events we now have an update on when we will be able to announce a return.

As of now Government Guidelines would allow us to return however Chuter Ede hosts a variety of groups throughout the week including groups containing members that are vulnerable in the current Pandemic. Covid-19 is still very much a risk and must be taken into account before allowing groups to return.

We are currently at the mercy of the centre who are following Health and Safety guidance and allowing time to process the change in Guidelines.
Chuter Ede have positively re-enforced their want to have our group return and we will be revisiting the conversation of our return to the Centre in 2 weeks!

Our hope is that the statistics continue to decline and the Guidelines continue to loosen allowing us to announce a return date and be back to normal and at full capacity!

Thank you for all of your messages and comments across Social Media and we assure you that as soon as a return date has been confirmed it will be announced across all of our Media platforms!
Thank you also for your patients and we are eager to see you all soon!