Almost Pro Wrestling Results 31/08/2019


Joseph Biggs returned to singles action this month and his opponent The Grunge City Prophet Rev.
Biggs looked to start strong but it wasn’t long before Rev and his aggression took control of the match.
Biggs has never been one to go down without a fight and he did just that pushing the Grunge City Prophet to the limit however it was Rev that walked away with the victory using the ropes as leverage and stealing it.

Chase Striker def. Danny Edwards

Chase Striker is in search for his first win in singles competition and standing in his way is the brash, cocky PBW graduate Danny Edwards who is in need of a win himself having not won a match since his debut in February.
Edwards showed promise focussing his offence on Chase Strikers previously injured knee managing to keep Striker down.
Striker showed real grit and determination, powering through the pressure and turned the match around and picking up his first singles win!

Open Challenge

The Weird & Wonderful reclaimed their stolen Tag Team Championship belts from the hands of Tri-Bad and now that all was right in the world they wanted to defend those titles!
After opening the challenge to anyone in the back who would answer the call?
The Cosplay Kings dressed as Avengers Thor and Spiderman answered the challenge!
And the match that followed escalated quickly after an opening display of super powers these teams went all out going back and forth trying too get the win.
Just as it seemed it may be the champs that took control Tri-Bad hit the ring assaulting everyone in their path. The numbers game flipped upside down as Tri-Bad found themselves ejected from the ring.
Rabbit would then lay down a Shieldiversary challenge!

Kid Fite def. Victor Von Valtz

One of the most anticipated matches to date!
Kid Fite vs Victor Von Valtz.
Earlier in the night Kid Fite caught up with management claiming to feel a little unloved having been overlooked for recent opportunities and advised they should keep a close eye on his match tonight.
Valtz approached Fite cautiously having not been seen since losing the Tag Team Championships to the Weird & Wonderful.
Testing each others technical skills quickly devolved into a brawl around the Almost Pro Arena!
the match could have gone either way but it was the experienced veteran Kid Fite that picked up the win!

Winner goes to Shieldiversary

Last month Marcy Wilde managed to talk herself into a rematch with Rosie Note with the stipulation that the winner would head to Shieldiversary to face Angel Hayze for the Almost Pro Women’s Championship!
Immediately the desperation showed on Wilde as she threw everything at Rosie Nyte!
Nyte’s never say die attitude frustrated Wilde who was unable to keep the newcomer down.
That frustration got the better of her as after losing her temper Wilde suffered a swift kick to the chin keeping her down for the 3 count and sending Nyte straight to Shieldiversary!
Wilde was left in the ring distraught as the crowd jeered her back through the curtain.

The Main Event!

Last month Almost Pro Champion Domonic Davenport laid out the challenge for any member of Tri-Bad to face him one on one for the Almost Pro Championship.
As he waited in the ring Tri-Bad used their numbers to get the upper hand as Haydon Tempest took the challenge on behalf of the team.
The Showman turned it around firing up and clearing Tempest out of the ring.
The numbers game once again came into play and it looked as though Davenport may be on the receiving end of a beat down only for his Shieldiversary opponent Yorkshire Dale to hit the ring and make the save!
Rabbit would then come out and announce the match would be restarted as a Tag Team Match. 2 members of Tri-Bad vs Yorkshire Dale and Domonic Davenport!
The unlikely Team of Champion and Challenger proved too much for Tri-Bad to handle on a night that really didn’t go as they planned picking up the win and sending Tri-Bad on their way!