Almost Pro Wrestling Results 30/11/2019

Tag Team Titles on the line!

We kicked off the show with high stakes as Tri-Bad’s Paddy Flannagan and Haydon Tempest defended the Almost Pro Tag Team Championships in an Open Challenge which was answered by the one and only Geek Squad!

The unorthodox team of the Geek Squad with a combined IQ of 328 made an enthusastic start to the match catching Tri-Bad off guard.
With the fans firmly behind the new comers we seemed to be on the verge of a shock title change however Tri-Bad’s strength and experience came into play as they cut off the energetic challengers and began to dictate the pace of the match.
But once again as we thought we were looking at a forgone conclusion the Geek Squad started to show some real fight backing the Champs into a corner. New Tag Team Champions looked imminent but it was Tri-Bad that picked up the win and retained their Almost Pro Tag Team Championships!

The Grunge City Prophet vs Your friendly neighbourhood Scarecrow

It’s not the first time these two have done battle and Yorkshire Dale appears to have found himself on Rev’s radar again as he attempts to cleanse Almost Pro and solidify the era of the Grunge City REVolution!
Yorkshire Dale has never gone down without a fight and everyone favourite scarecrow had plans of his own to dismantle the REVolution in one go by taking out the Prophet.
It would be Dale coming out on top as we started the match as he won the battle of mind games forcing Rev to have to alter his strategy. And alter his strategy he did as his trademark aggression took over as he pushed Dale into defence!
Your friendly neighbourhood scarecrow never knows when to quit or when he is beaten and as Rev found himself on the back foot of a Yorkshire Dale offensive the Anarchist of Almost Pro took matters into his own hands delivering a low blow to Yorkshire Dale in full view of the Referee causing a disqualification.
Without a care for the result Rev began a post match assault on Dale only to have to escape the ring from an angry Fracture the Clown who was desperate to get his hands on Rev after suffering an assault before the show!
Yorkshire Dale picked up the win but the Grunge City Prophet is the one who walked out on top.

Assassin wants answers!

Assassin hasn’t been seen since Shieldiversary after he was victim to an attack by the returning Max Heat who put assassin on the shelf for 2 months.
Assassin would not be getting the answers he needed tonight as instead of Max Heat coming out to the ring he was met with the Grunge City REVolution’s monster Tag Team of Victor Von Valtz and Archon who cornered Assassin in the ring.
The Showman Domonic Davenport wasn’t about to let this happen as he hit the ring to support Assassin and even up the odds!
The REVolution is trying hard to select its victims and take down the Almost Pro Roster but the roster aren’t willing to just bow down to the Grunge City Prophet!
A Tag Team match was to follow with the unlikely team of Assassin and The Showman taking on former Tag Team Champions Valtz and Archon!
Back and forth these teams would go and just as it seemed to be going in favour of Assassin and Davenport Max Heat’s countdown would engulf the arena distracting Assassin and unfortunately leaving Davenport the Victim of Valtz and Archon who took out Davenport for the win!

Jonah Phoenix vs ????

Jonah Phoenix was scheduled to face Fracture the Clown but due to a pre show assault was removed from the match.
So Phoenix was left not knowing who he would be facing however it is doubtful he would care given his new attitude as part of the Grunge City REVolution.
In a surprising turn of events it would be Nicky Starr who hit the ring in an attempt to face Phoenix however he was quickly followed by Rabbit to take him out of the ring reminding him he was not cleared to compete!
Rabbit would angrily call for the real opponent to come out.
Phoenix’s new opponent would be none other than Joseph Biggs!
Biggs was scheduled to face Max Heat however it was made very clear that Heat had decided to avoid the arena and Assassin.
Phoenix was understandably unprepared which played right into Biggs’ hands as he launched an energetic kick off to the match hoping to pick up a quick win but Phoenix took advantage of a brief lapse in concentration on behalf of Biggs. Catching him on the ropes and dropping Biggs onto his head.
With Biggs trying to clear the cobwebs Phoenix was able to change the pace of the match and comfortably control the pace.
Biggs has never been known to stay down and the frustration set in quickly for Phoenix who started making mistakes which The Asset was able to take advantage of!
The match quickly devolved into who could escape with the win as quick as possible with both competitors giving it all they had but in the end it was Biggs that got the 3 count picking up a much needed win and defeating the Grunge City REVolution member.

It is now time for your Main Ev…….

As Lord Gavin Mann began announcing the main event he and the Almost Pro faithful were shocked as Chase Striker came flying through the curtain and crashing down the ramp followed by the enormous structure of THE BEAST Louis Hanlon!
The Beast went on to assault Striker around the ring as the crowd looked on in disbelief. The Beast then demanded a Referee to the ring and we had an impromptu match!
whether it was bravery or a serious misjudgement Chase Striker went on the offensive using his speed to try and take the Beast off his feet but the sheer power of Hanlon was too much for Striker has The Beast picked up a relatively easy victory!
The Grunge City REVolution left their mark all over this episode of Almost Pro and we fear things can only get worse as they continue to gather momentum!

Serious competition? No problem!

Tri-Bad have demanded serious competition. and after already retaining the Tag Team Championships it was Almost Pro Champion Oliver Barrett’s turn!
He demands some serious competition when defending his championship after victories over a scarecrow and a super hero.
After reiterating his demands it would be Rabbit that entered the arena but Rabbit wasn’t about to answer Barrett’s challenge. Rabbit was only here to appease Barrett’s demands and introduce his opponent.
Tri-Bad were in complete shock as The Primate entered the arena!
Barrett was in shock but knew he had to back up his words! The match was on!
The Primate took a quick advantage using his power to overcome the unprepared Almost Pro Champion when the numbers game seemed to be swaying the direction of the match. Stalking Primate on the apron the NXT UK Superstar was not about to become their latest victim going on the offensive and wiping out the Tag Champs who were then evicted from the arena. This was enough however for Oliver Barrett to take advantage of the distraction and take The Primate off his feet!
There was a real intensity to this match as Champion and Challenger brought out everything they had!
Despite his attitude Oliver Barrett stood toe to toe with one of the UK’s finest and looked about to retain his title but one HUGE pop up power bomb later Barrett was in trouble and that was enough for his Tri-Bad brothers to come out and interfere causing a disqualification!
The Primate wins but Oliver Barrett retains the Almost Pro Championship!
However the fans would not leave disappointed as the Primate let Tri-Bad know his displeasure dishing out a receipt to the Champs before the show closed!