With retribution on his mind after being on the receiving end of an assault at the hands of Kendoll Yorkshire Dale wasted no time in getting the action started.
The bell rang and Dale went straight after Kendoll taking control of the match early on and unleashing his frustration.
Brawling on the outside Kendoll’s cunning took effect as he turned the tables on Dale and began to dominate your friendly neighbourhood scarecrow.
However the number on contender to the Almost Pro Championship powered through with the motivation of the fans behind him and managed to come back and pick up the win gaining some revenge for last month’s attack.


Our cameras caught up with Marcy Wilde in a shouting match with acting General Manager Rabbit who was filling in for Fracture the Clown who took the worst of the beating at the hands of Tri-Bad last month. Claiming that back at 106 Miles to Shieldiversary if it wasn’t for Weapon X’s involvement she would have won her match, faced the Champ and would be the Almost Pro Women’s Champion right now. However Rabbit wasn’t going to be bullied telling Wilde to earn her shot just like everyone else.


Making her Almost Pro debut Molly Spartan wanted to make an instant impact however her opponent Emily Hayden was determined that it would not come at her expense.
The Glasgow natives both wanting to climb the Women’s League table put each other to the test with a hard hitting display!
Showing just how important earning 3 points towards an opportunity at the Women’s Championship neither would accept staying down as an option and truly gave it their all.
But it was the newcomer Molly Spartan who clinched it and earned the 3 points on her debut as a vicious sit out power bomb was too much for Hayden to kick out.


After an altercation backstage last month it was made official that Paddy Flannagan and Dean Ford would finally meet one on in the ring!
In true Tri-Bad fashion they had to take some time out to brag about their accomplishments. After not only stealing the Tag Team Championships from the Weird & Wonderful  but putting the Almost Pro Champion Domonic Davenport on the shelf also.
Eventually turning their attention to the task at hand Flannagan demanded Dean Ford come to the ring and get what’s coming to him.
To the surprise of Tri-Bad it wasn’t Ford who answered but Rabbit who may not have had his partner at his side but he did not come alone, pulling out a steel chair and storming the ring. Getting a couple of decent strikes in before the numbers game caught up to him. Thankfully for Rabbit Dean Ford hit the ring before they could do too much damage forcing Tri-Bad to scramble and to get the match we’d been waiting for underway!
With no love lost between these competitors they commenced to beat the hell out of each other. Ford’s MMA background proving to be a useful weapon and Flannagan using his sheer strength to overpower the Scot.
Of course Tri-Bad are never alone and the numbers game looked about to take Dean Ford down but Rabbit reappeared to try and even the odds.
Barrett and Tempest managed to ground Rabbit and make an escape still holding the Tag Team Championships leaving their team mate alone with his opponent.
Flannagan threw everything he could at Ford but the Prize Fighter refused to stay down.
Fighting back hard, catching Flannagan’s running knee and delivering a lethal spinning kick to the head to get the 1, 2, 3…


The Grunge City Prophet Rev may have been unsuccessful in bringing the Almost Pro Championship to his REVolution at 106 Miles to Shieldiversary however Rev remains a threat to the roster with his message of the Grunge City mentality and is chief suspect in who may have ordered the attack on Yorkshire Dale last month.
Standing apart from him this month is one half of the Cosplay Kings and CPW Hardcore Champion Nicky Starr!
The pair have faced each other before and it was Starr that managed to get the win after Rev’s mind games with Chase Striker backfired.
Rev dominated early with his style of brutality. Controlling and hurting Nicky Starr fir a majority of the match. Starr and his never say die attitude staged a comeback and had Rev on the ropes. However unknown to the referee Rev had managed to remove a turn buckle pad revealing the bare steel behind it and just as Nicky looked to be ready to finish the Prophet off a drop toe hold saw Nicky Starr land face first on the steel knocking him unconscious. Not satisfied with the result of the turn buckle Rev then put Starr into his anaconda vice submission. The referee noticing no reaction from Nicky Starr quickly called a stop to the match giving Rev a dominant victory.


Unable to appear live Almost Pro Champion Domonic Davenport visited us live via satellite to update us on the concussion suffered at the hands of Tri-Bad and to issue a challenge.
Next month The Showman wants any member of Tri-Bad one on one!


Back to Women’s League action as Rosie Nyte returns after an impressive debut at 106 Miles which could be argued should have been her ticket to a Women’s Championship match if it wasn’t for the referee becoming distracted by the Hardcore Championship’s change of hands.
In the way of her earning 3 points is Marcy Wilde who is becoming increasingly frustrated with Almost Pro and dangerous.
Wilde took advantage of her clear size difference and opened the match by throwing her opponent around the ring. Nyte was quick to adapt and her agility began to prove too much for Marcy to handle forcing her to get away from the action to formulate a new plan.
A strategy that proved successful as Nyte eagerly chased her to bring her back to the ring only for Wilde to take advantage and slow the momentum of the match down.
Dictating the pace of the match Wilde looked to have everything under control and 3 points in the bag however Nyte would not quit. Wilde’s cocky attitude turned into her downfall bragging about inflicting more punishment lead to Nyte rolling Wilde up just enough to get the 3 count and make a quick exit knowing she officially has 3 points on the board.


Our Main Event sees Tri-Bad member Oliver Barrett go one on one with the veteran of the Roster Assassin!
Tri-Bad chose to attack Davenport last month after a gruelling title defence against Assassin so the love albatross has taken it upon himself to give Barrett a lesson in respect.
Facing each other for the first time the match started with the two feeling each other out looking for a weakness to exploit.
It was Assassin who found himself with the upper hand as Barrett could not compete with his size and strength.
Despite his attitude Barrett’s ability should never be underestimated as Barrett started using his speed to work around the power of Assassin even managing to put the big man down with a strong shoulder tackle.
Holding nothing back these talented competitors turned the heat up with fast paced hard hitting moves but neither being able to get more than a 2 count when suddenly turning Barrett’s offence against him Assassin caught him with a Contract and went for the cover only for the other members of Tri-Bad to storm the ring before the referee could count the 3. This caused Barrett to be disqualified and Assassin was declared the winner however I doubt he felt much like celebrating as Tri-Bad carried out another assault to close the show.