Almost Pro Results 30/04/2019

They’re back!…

APW Tag Team Championship: Weird & Wonderful def. Archon & Victor Von Valtz

APW Tag Team Championship: Weird & Wonderful def. Archon & Victor Von Valtz

This month starting with a bang! After suffering an assault at the hands of Victor Von Valtz, Archon and Rabbit at the Almost Pro Wrestling School Fracture the Clown opened the show wielding a sledge hammer demanding the Tag Team Champions face him in the ring so that he can reclaim his Tag Team Partner and take away their prized Tag Team Championships!
The Champs answered the call quickly and despite using the hammer to get a head start the numbers game quickly caught up to our General Manager.
Valtz took out the referee to make sure they could take their time tearing Fracture apart.
Unbeknown to them Lil Smash on the outside stole the pocket watch and after escaping Rabbit slid the watch to Fracture who put the sledge hammer to good use destroying the pocket watch!
The lights cut out and when the Arena was bright again the old Rabbit stood side by side with Fracture the Clown. The bell rang to officially start the match and the Weird and Wonderful unleashed their old tricks, defeating Archon and Victor Von Valtz to become the NEW Almost Pro Tag Team Champions!

Bad Sport or Bad Loser?

Bad Sport or Bad Loser?

Paddy Flannagan has been frustrated with Tri-Bad’s run of luck lately and decided he would enjoy nothing more than to take out that frustration on crowd favourite Yorkshire Dale!
And that is exactly what he did! Refusing to bow the the referee’s 5 count Paddy Flannagan was disqualified making Your friendly neighbourhood scarecrow the winner however we don’t think Yorkshire Dale felt much like celebrating as the beat down continued post match.
Paddy’s aggression was thankfully short lived as our screens lit up to reveal Krieger who would challenge Paddy to a match as Krieger intends to make his debut at Shield Pro Wrestling presents It’s 106 Miles to Shieldiversary!

New number one contender?

The Grunge City Prophet, Rev def. Chase Striker

Rev  commanded everyone’s attention back in January as he manipulated his peers and took the fight to Almost Pro only to turn on his CWA team.
Some say he stole a victory from last month from Yorkshire Dale as he landed a low blow behind the referee’s back before picking up the win.
In the REVolution’s way this time was Almost Pro Graduate Chase Striker! The winner of the match would walk into the Main Event of Shield Pro Wrestling presents it’s 106 Miles to Shieldiversary to face the Almost Pro Champion!
A hard hitting back and forth battle ensued as there is no love lost between Rev and Striker.
Chase Striker gave it all he had but it was not enough to defeat the cunning Grunge City Prophet as Rev left Victorious with a title shot in his near future!

305 Live!

Assassin def. Haydon Tempest

They have battled many times in Tag Team action however meeting for the first time one on one Tri-Bad’s Haydon Tempest faced one half of the Cosplay Kings, Assassin!
In what could be argued as match of the night to say everything was left in the ring would be an understatement!
Tempest feeling like he had a lot to prove took it to the 18 year vet early hoping to pick up a quick victory. Underestimating Assassin has never gone well for anyone and apparently you CAN teach an old dog new tricks as two of the biggest athletes on the roster went to their limit!
It would be Assassin who prevailed over Tempest as Tri-Bad took another hard defeat to a high flying powerful performance from one of the North East’s best.

Lethal Weapon……X

Weapon X def. Kendoll

Weapon X returned to Almost Pro after making a successful singles debut last month against Lewis Ryan.
His opponent this time round? Kendoll.
Kendoll has yet to find his footing in 2019 with no victories and with the return of Domonic Davenport nothing to show for his previous efforts.
Nothing more dangerous than an animal being backed into a corner and we are all aware of Kendoll’s hard hitting vicious streak. BUT that’s how Weapon X likes it!
This match no doubt left both competitors feeling battered and bruised but it was Weapon X that picked up the victory carrying his wave of momentum forward!

No match? No problem!

Nicky Starr def. Marcy Wilde via DQ

The newly crowned CPW Hardcore Champion Nicky Starr was not scheduled to appear tonight however he took it upon himself to try and rustle up some action for himself issuing an open challenge to any man, women, dog or cat in the back who wanted to take the offer.
 And in an unexpected move Marcy Wilde answered the call! Her new attitude seems to not be contained within the Women’s Division.
The bell rang and Marcy Wilde got straight in the face of a hesitant Nicky Starr, slapping him and then hitting him with a low blow instantly being disqualified!
Starr wasn’t going to let thins end that way and demanded Wilde to return to the ring and face him properly!
Marcy obliged and the match was on! Marcy went for the kill early but Nicky Starr never stays down as he took the fight to her!
It looked as though it wasn’t Starr’s day as Nicky landed awkwardly hurting his knee! The referee was concerned and called for the bell again so that Nicky could get some medical attention however with Wilde demanding the match continue and Nicky refusing to give in the match was restarted again!
Against the odds it seemed like Nicky Starr was about to pick up a shock victory and did but not the victory he would have liked as Marcy Wilde once again went for the low blow and was disqualified.
It would seem she was never interested in the win and rather hell bent on making a statement!

Put up or shut up!

APW Championship: Domonic Davenport def. Oliver Barrett

Earlier in the night Oliver Barrett confronted General Manager Fracture the Clown sarcastically congratulating him on his Tag Team Title victory and complaining again that his own opportunities have been lacking. Sick of his constant whining Fracture made a match for the Main Event!
Domonic Davenport defending his Almost Pro Championship against Tri-Bad’s Oliver Barrett.
This was Barrett’s chance to finally stick it to the management and walk away with the title!
Barrett took it to The Showman however Davenport is not one to back down. The match was taken to the outside as the referee allowed the rules to be set aside so we could see the best of this Almost Pro Title match.
Despite Barrett’s attitude he certainly put in a shift however it was the Champ that picked up the win to retain the Almost Pro Championship.

Whilst Davenport celebrated the new number one contender to the Almost Pro Championship Rev took to the stage to congratulate the Champ and make his presence known as the 2 will face off in the Main Event of Shield Pro Wrestling presents It’s 106 Miles to Shieldiversary!