Almost Pro Results – 30/03/2019

Almost Pro – 30/03/2019

The Dust has settled, The Almost Pro Arena is packed down, Tech team are exhausted and our wrestlers are battered after putting on one hell of a show for our Record breaking (for us!) attendance last night!

Oliver Barrett Def. Chase Striker

We kicked of our show with Oliver Barrett and Chase Striker, both men left it all in the ring last night in an opener that was tough to follow!
Striker made his Almost Pro debut against Barrett back in October with Barrett picking up the win against the newest graduate of the Almost Pro Wrestling School. Striker came out with a lot to prove and although Barrett picked up the victory once again you could not help but be impressed by the efforts of Chase Striker!

Finally We Get Some Answers….

Last month at Almost Pro: Moving Day Marcy Wilde shocked us all at the close of the show. After hitting the ring to save Roxxy from a beating at the hands of the Almost Pro Women’s Champion Angel Hayze, Wilde suddenly turned, attacking Roxxy and driving her face into the canvas before leaving in silence.
Throughout the month we reached out to Marcy for comment but unsuccessfully!
Finally Marcy came centre stage in the Almost Pro Arena to give us the answers we were looking for in a scathing rant against the fans and the Women’s Division. Wilde announced that she is finished trying to please the people and do the right thing.

“I’m going to stop trying to do things the right way. It’s time to do things MY way!”

Marcy Wilde – 2019

Not one to let someone else have the spotlight Tri-Bad decided to Join Wilde in the ring to let their feelings about all things Shield Pro be known!
Sick of how they feel they’re being treat. Demanding a match for the Tag Team Titles.
All of this talk brought out Interim General Manager Fracture the Clown to bring some order and help get the show back on track. Dismissing Wilde from the ring to prepare for her match and offering Tri-Bad the chance to take on the Almost Pro Tag Team Champions Victor Von Valtz and Archon!
Suddenly Tri-Bad began to retreat and rejected the match only to be sent home!
As our Interim GM was about to leave after a job well done the room went black as Valtz and Archon appeared and tried to corner Fracture.
Escaping a beat down Fracture put his power to good use and set up a Tag Team Championship match for the Main Event and took himself backstage to find himself a couple of Challengers.

Rev Def. Yorkshire Dale

The Grunge City REVolution has arrived here in Almost Pro Wrestling!
The CWA Champion and self proclaimed Grunge City Prophet, Rev found himself in singles action for the first time since his controversial tactics at Shield Wars as he faced off against your friendly neighbourhood scarecrow, Yorkshire Dale!
Dale took the advantage early using his unorthodox tactics to frustrate the Grunge City Prophet.
Rev and his temper are not to be underestimated as he aggressively took control of the match!
In an energetic back and forth Yorkshire Dale looked to be heading for the win only for Rev to take advantage of a distracted referee hitting a low blow before finishing off Dale for the 3 count and his first singles win in Almost Pro!

Marcy Wilde Def. Little Miss Roxxy

Starting the second half with Women’s League action as Little Miss Roxxy had the chance at retribution AND some League points to help her back up the table towards the Women’s Championship as she faced the good girl gone bad, Marcy Wilde.
Roxxy started fast but Wilde took control quickly. Her new attitude showing through as she disregarded the rules and referees instruction toying with Roxxy letting her know she was in charge.
Roxxy managed to pick up a second wind as she took the fight to Wilde she had her momentum suddenly cut off as Wilde caught her sharp and once again drove her face into the canvas, going on to pick up her first win in Almost Pro and 3 points in the Almost Pro Women’s League.

Weapon Xv Def. Lewis Ryan

The talent pool here in the North East is wealthy of late and we love to showcase that right here at Almost Pro as 2 members of Contract Pro Wrestling did battle!
Lewis Ryan made his long awaited return to Almost Pro as he took on the debuting former CPW Hardcore Champion Weapon X.
In what was the most intense match of the night these 2 heavy hitters went out to make a statement!
A brutal back and forth match with neither ready to give up and take a defeat.
In the end it was Weapon X that secured the victory however you can’t take away from the intensity that both men displayed!

Victor Von Valtz & Archon Def. The cosplay kings

The Almost Pro Tag Team Championships were on the line in the Main Event!
Earlier in the night Interim General Manager Fracture the Clown told the Champs he was going to find them some opponents and he did just that!
Challenging for the Tag Team Championships were Almost Pro’s most charismatic duo The Cosplay Kings!
The team of Assassin and Nicky Starr donning the attire of WWE Superstars John Cena and Roman Reigns came out swinging. Not their first attempt at the Tag Team Championships, The Cosplay Kings are eager to add the Almost Pro Tag Team Championships to their list of accomplishments.
Mimicking the moves of the WWE greats The Kings had the Champions on the ropes for much of the match however the sheer power of the Monsters that are Victor Von Valtz and Archon was too much as they delivered a brutal double choke slam to retain their Tag Team Titles.