Almost Pro Women’s Championship

Women’s Champion Angel Hayze returned to Almost Pro to defend her title against Emily Hayden who sky rocketed to the Top of the Women’s League with a win over Rosie Nyte and Marcy Wilde last month at It’s 106 Miles to Shieldiversary.
Hayden put in a strong effort and on multiple occasions looked as though she would be walking out as the new Almost Pro Women’s Champion but after the referee was inadvertently incapacitated Hayze took advantage when she delivered a super kick to Hayden and retaining her Championship.

Kendoll vs Dean Ford

Dean Ford is back in singles action for the first time since his debut just over a year ago and going one on one with the former Tag Team Champion is none other than Kendoll who is hoping to end his run of defeats.
Kendoll entered the match with a strategy to unnerve Ford however the mixed martial arts background of Dean Ford quickly gave him the upper hand.
Kendoll’s aggression came into play and a brutal back and forth ensued but it was Ford with a vicious spinning heel kick earning him the 3 count and keeping Kendoll on a losing streak.

This is Live…

It is no surprise that Tri-Bad would take themselves to the ring to complain about how management runs the place after all 3 were unsuccessful in their matches last month however they wouldn’t get far as they were interrupted for a live performance from…Snake Bit.
The newest team to debut for Almost Pro wanted to give the fans a show but that deteriorated quickly into a brawl with Tri-Bad and then an impromptu Tag Team Match which Snake Bit took control of from the get go.
Tri-Bad members Paddy Flannagan and Haydon Tempest were able to thwart the efforts of Snake Bit and record their first Tag Team Victory since November of Last Year.


Midway through and Almost Pro Tag Team Championship match last month Chase Striker suffered a dislocated knee forcing the match to end early.
This month Striker returned to the Arena to update everyone on his injury and confirmed that he was 100% and ready to go and along side partner Jonah Phoenix wanted a rematch against Tag Team Champions The Weird & Wonderful.
The Champions were more than happy to oblige and the match was on!
And what an effort by both teams as they truly took each other to the limit but it was the more experienced team of the Weird and Wonderful that managed to pick up the win and retain their Tag Team Championships.
The Champs took the time to acknowledge the efforts of their challengers as the two teams shook hands after the match only for Tri-Bad to ruin the moment taking out both teams with steel chairs and stealing the Tag Team Championships.

Edwards vs Starr

Danny Edwards attitude may leave a lot to be desired but you can’t deny the 17 year old PBW Trainee is prepared to do anything and everything to make an impact.
CPW Hardcore Champion Nicky Starr will be thankful of management suspending the 24/7 defence of his Championship after last months chaos so he can focus on his one on one match and not have to constantly look over his shoulder.
The pair had a solid contest trading control of the match throughout but the experience of Nicky Starr made sure that he got the last laugh and defeated Danny Edwards.

Open Challenge…

Almost Pro Champion Domonic Davenport prides himself on being a fighting Champion and so issued an open challenge to anyone on the Roster.
Who answered the call? None other than ASSASSIN!
The most experienced member of the Roster grabbed this opportunity with both hands and for a time it seemed that we would be crowning a new Almost Pro Champion however Davenport can never be underestimated as he went to the well and pulled out enough energy to retain the Title.
This contest once once again over shadowed by Tri-Bad who wanted to make one last example by beating down The Showman after his match holding his Championship aloft for all to see.