Almost Pro Results 29/02/2020

A change of Heat?

Max Heat left Shield Wars not only defeated but with a hole in his head courtesy of a broken table. The outpouring of well wishes he received following this injury seems to have forced a change of heart from Heat who took to the ring to thank everyone and promise a change to his antics.

Many remained sceptical. One of which was Nicky Starr! Assassin’s Tag Team partner who suffered an assault of his own last month at the hands of Heat when he got involved in the unsanctioned match to try and save his friend from harm.

Throughout the match Max Heat did have ample opportunities to go against his word but he stuck to the game plan and it almost paid off however too much indecision was all Nicky Starr needed to walk out with the win.

Grunge City vs The Showman

The Showman has found himself colliding with the Grunge City REVolution on more than one occasion of late and this time round he faces The Grunge City Prophet himeslf!
They faced once before for the Almost Pro Championship in which The Showman triumphed over the Prophet but how will he fair now that the REVolution is in place?

Rev went for intimidation straight away bringing his Beast, Louis Hanlon to ringside for “morale support” but The Showman went for a quick start hoping to pick up a surprise win early in the match however Rev’s aggression came into play as it so often does and he began to dominate. Taking out the leg of Davenport repeatedly crashing it against the steel ring post kept the former Almost Pro Champ down but The Showman with the help of the fans was able to build himself up from the ground to go on the offensive. Suddenly Rev was on the back foot and it looked as though we were going to see a repeat of their last meeting however The Beast got involved unbeknown to the referee and was able to assist in Rev picking up a win over The Showman.

This didn’t seem to be enough for Rev who orchestrated a two on one assault on the already defeated Davenport.
Things looked bleak for The Showman until Fracture the Clown’s music filled the arena and he came racing to the ring, taking out the Grunge City Prophet with a huge running drop kick and saving The Showman from serious harm.

Not Just a Ref!

Suspended from referee duties due to his physical involvement X Jack was gifted a chance to showcase just what else he can do in the ring as he and Paddy Flannagan go one on one!

It goes without saying that the fans were 100% behind every move X Jack made however it wouldn’t be long before power and experience played their part and Paddy took control of the match.
Arrogance would be the downfall of one half of the Tag Team Champions. Flannagan wanted to make an example from young X Jack however Jack would not stay down.
Frustration would overcome Flannagan and he would attempt to bring a steel chair into play only to be thwarted by the referee in charge Adam Cowley. It was enough for X Jack to see an opening and hit Paddy with a running dropkick for the victory!

Unfortunately for X Jack it looked as though his celebrations would be short lived as Paddy’s Tag Team Partner Hayden Tempest made his way to the ring but rather than launch an assault Paddy stopped any advances and showed a small shred of respect to his opponent before exiting with no further action.

Triple Threat Action!

Yorkshire Dale and Chase Striker are back in action taking on the latest graduate of the Almost Pro Wrestling School, Vincent Blaze.

Each competitor has something to gain and will be eager for the win and it showed! Hard hitting and action packed from the second the bell rang!
The more experienced competitors gave Blaze a quick welcome to the Almost Pro Arena with some double team action but it didn’t take long for things to get competitive as Yorkshire Dale and Chase Striker came to blows. It is all for one and one for all in Triple Threat rules.
The action just did not stop and spilled out over the arena as these 3 men battle for the win that could propel them into the Almost Pro Title scene but it would be Yorkshire Dale that came out on top of the mayhem to pick up the win. An excellent performance from Striker and Blaze but it was experience that proved to be the key.

Edwards vs Berani

Another Almost Pro debut as Ray Berani makes his way down from the PBW Academy to take on a familiar face in Danny Edwards!
Edwards will be really hoping to pick up a win as they have been few and far between since his debut last February.
Edwards likes to talk and that wasn’t going to do the trick against the high flying style of Berani using every corner of the ring to his advantage!
Edwards was able to ground Berani with some heavy hits which really threw the newcomer off his game. Berani made one hell of a first impression as he gave Edwards everything he had but Edwards was able to keep Berani down for a much needed win!

Wait… What?

Now we knew Oliver Barrett was likely to issue a challenge for someone, anyone to step up and compete for his Almost Pro Championship. What we weren’t expecting was former Almost Pro Women’s Champion Angel Hayze to make her way out t the ring and call out the champ herself!

Oliver Barrett hit the ring to put up a protest but after seeing Hayze refuse to back down he accepted his latest challenge!
No one knew what to expect and what we were given left us on the edge of our seats!
Angel Hayze took it to the Champ but Barrett’s strength and size advantage allowed him to manipulate the challenger at will throughout the match.
It was the speed and strategy of Hayze that allowed her to put the champ on the back foot as they took this fight around the Almost Pro Arena.
Both competitors came within milliseconds of victory but in a shock moment Hayze was able to hit a reversal whIch dropped the champ square on his head and was enough to keep him down for a 3 count causing the Almost Pro Arena to erupt for your NEW Almost Pro Champion, Angel Hayze!