Almost Halloween Results

Almost Pro Championship?

After making history at Shieldiversary we could not wait to witness the fall out as Shield Pro Wrestling presents Almost Halloween!
And we looked to be hitting the ground running as we open the show with an Almost Pro Championship match as Oliver Barrett is set to defend his new title against number one contender Nicky Starr!

The match didn’t even have the chance ti get started however as instead of Oliver Barrett coming to the ring we had Rabbit come out and call off the title match demanding Nicky Starr head t the backstage area.

Tri-Champ Celebration!

With Nicky Starr pulled from his scheduled match and no one in line for the Tag Champs Tri-Bad took it upon themselves to hit the ring and have themselves a little Championship Celebration! You may not agree with some of their tactics but you can’t deny that at Shieldiversary they did whatever it took and put it all on the line and managed too walk away with every prize in Almost Pro.
Unfortunately for the Champs their celebration was cut short by debutants Oscar Lee and Zayn Freeman! And what better way to introduce yourself then to the top guys of the roster and dropping the news that Tri-Bad-Bad are intact scheduled for a Tag Team Title defence… Right now!

Tri-Bad were caught off guard and the new boys went out there to impress and get themselves some Tag Team Titles to make a memorable debut!
However despite the lack of preperation it would be Tri-Bad that came out on top to retain their Tag Team titles.
We sincerely hope this isn’t the last we have seen of Oscar Lee and Zayn Freeman!


Our Cameras caught up with Rabbit and Nicky Starr having a heated discussion backstage as Nicky Starr wanted answers! Rabbit was certain ti deliver those answers as it was revealed that Starr had forged a medical clearance note after his injury in a match with Rev and had been competing illegally. Nicky Starr will now no longer be able to compete until Shield Pro Wrestling receives a 100% medical clearance note.
Rabbit did however concede that there could be an Almost Pro Championship Match tonight if Nicky Starr found a replacement. Why Starr would want to hand his title opportunity off so eagerly is still unclear.
As Starr ran off Rabbit was quickly confronted by Chase Striker who was on the look out for Jonah Phoenix after Phoenix turned on him last month and delivered him a beating with a steel chair.
As soon as Rabbit was out of sight Phoenix launched another sneak attack and demanded that if Striker wanted him, He would be in the ring!

Striker didn’t want to wait for the match too start returning the favour on Phoenix by assaulting him on the stage as he made his way to the ring!
The match started in Striker’s favour but it didn’t take long for Phoenix to take advantage of the injuries he had caused Striker last month.
Resilient as ever Striker refused to stay down resulting in Phoenix resorting to other tactics as he delivered a low blow. This was caught by Referee Jack Foster and C tase Striker was given the win via disqualification!

Danny Edwards vs Alex Parker

Danny Edwards and Alex Parker meet in a highly anticipated match up. Edwards chasing his first win since his debut back in February and Parker making not only his Shield Pro debut but competing in his first match in England.
Whatever game plan Edwards came in with needed changing quickly as he soon found out it was a tough job to keep the energetic offence of Alex Parker grounded. But with that shift of tactics Edwards managed to get himself a brief stronghold in the match.
The pair went back and forth in a high energy contest as both felt they had a lot to prove. But when it was all said and done it was Edwards left shocked and frustrated as Alex Parker picked up the win!

APW Women’s Championship

Rosie Nyte walked into Shieldiversary the underdog and walked out the Almost Pro Women’s Champion!
And wanting to put her own stamp on the Women’s Division Nyte went to Management and then followed up with the shocking statement that she and Shield Pro Management have cancelled the Women’s League!
No more Champion sitting at home waiting for a contender. Rosie Nyte wants to be a fighting Champion for the Fans and that’s exactly how it’s going to be.
Of course the phone then blew up as the Women of the Roster tried to be the first to have a go at the New Champ.
They would have to wait and see as the title would be defended first in a Shieldiversary rematch at Empire Wrestling. Nyte backed up her talk and retained the title and it was then announced that Molly Spartan would be the first challenger on the roster.
Nyte is used to being the underdog in a match but after all she is the Champ. Molly Spartan however used her superior strength to control the match. But as we looked too be crowning a new Women’s Champion, Nyte was able to capitalise on a mistake by Spartan and roll up the challenger to once again retain the Almost Pro Women’s Championship!

Fracture wants Rev!

As Rabbit tries to patch together the Company to prevent the inmates running the asylum Fracture has a more hands on Physical approach in mind and after the Grunge City REVolutions involvement in their Tag Team Title match at Shieldiversary he was out for some revenge. And he wanted The Grunge City Prophet himself!
Rev would appear however it would be via the screens as he denied Fracture his request however he did offer him a member if the Grunge City REVolution… The Beast, Louis Hanlon!

The Beast made his debut last month in the 15 man over the top rope Battle Royale. The man representing Contract Wrestling Academy now appears to have a new allegiance.
Fracture could tell he was in for a fight but that has never slowed down the former Almost Pro and APW Tag Team Champion!
The match was a battle of strength versus will as the might of The Beast was almost too much for Fracture to handle on several occasions. The head trainer of the Almost Pro Wrestling School has more than a few tricks up his sleeves and kept taking it to the REVolutions new Beast!
In the end Strength won the battle as The Beast powered throw Fracture to pick up a victory on his singles debut in Almost Pro.
The Grunge City REVolution seem to be gathering in numbers and are ready to go through anyone that stands in their way.

Max Heat is Back!

After making his shock return to Wrestling at Shieldiversay Max Heat is back making his first scheduled appearance in 5 years!
Heat came out to address why he did what he did claiming that after being trained by Assassin and growing through the ranks of the business alongside him and Davenport the student had most certainly became the master and it’s time for Max Heat to take the limelight and inject a little poison into the Almost Pro Roster!
Assassin was not in the building after being put on the shelf by Max Heat however The Showman was! And Davenport wasn’t about to let the fact Max Heat pushed him off the ladder and costing him the Shield Pro Heavyweight Championship go. Challenging Heat to a match right there and then!
Max Heat accepted and took the fight to The Showman from the get go. Battered and Bruised from the Shieldiversary Ladder match Davenport brought the fight right back to Heat with his own retribution motivating the former Almost Pro Champion.
And in a shock to all in attendance it would be Max Heat that picked top the victory in his first match in over 5 years.
Is this the start of his own master plan? What will Max Heat do next!?

Who’s it gonna be?

Oliver Barrett hit the ring with confidence having already seen his partners retain their APW Tag Team Championships but who would be his opponent?
As Barrett waited in the ring Nicky Starr would appear on our screens to announce his phone call had been answered and his opponent was on his way out!
The lights of the arena went dark as the screens lit up as the msyterious signal lit up the skyline and Castor made his way to the ring.
Dressed in the attire of a super hero we can only assume that Castor was the figure stalking the rooftops of the Almost Pro Arena before Shieldiversary!
Barrett may have been at a slight disadvantage not knowing who his opponent would be but who could prepare for the appearance of a super hero!?
Could this new hero dethrone Barrett before his title reign could even begin?
Fast paced action would ensue as Champion and Challenger took the fight all over the Almost Pro Arena! Barrett was able to ride the wave of offence and deliver his own brand of punishment but nothing could keep our new resident super hero down!
The intensity rose as the match looked ti be swaying in favour of Castor however waiting in the wings to help their team mate if need be as Castor looked to pull off a huge debut upset Tri-Bad-Bad stormed the ring ti interfere causing a Disqualification. Castor picks up the win but Oliver Barrett retains the Almost Pro Championship!