Almost Christmas Results 14/12/2019

The Grunge City Prophet Rev vs Joseph Biggs

Almost Christmas kicked off with The Grunge City Prophet vs Joseph Biggs!
Biggs picked up a victory against REVolution member Jonah Phoenix last month and Rev wants to make a statement by righting that wrong!
Phoenix proved to be an immediate distraction at ringside allowing Rev to make an aggressive start to the match but Biggs speed allowed him to turn the tables on the Grunge City Prophet.
The presence of Phoenix was too much of a distraction for Biggs. After distracting him on the top rope while the referee’s back was turned Rev was able to take control and set the pace of the match.
It’s not easy to keep Biggs down and after picking up a second wind he looked sure to cause an upset for the Grunge City REVolution however Jonah Phoenix once again took advantage of a referee distraction allowing the Grunge City Prophet to pick up the win!

Is Nicky Starr Castor?

Our cameras caught up with Rabbit and Nicky Starr discussing Starr being unable to compete until he receives clearance. Rabbit wanted Nicky to spill the beans because after being pulled from the title match at Almost Halloween Nicky Starr contacted a mysterious Super Hero by the name of Castor to take his place. The fans figured it must be Nicky Starr is one of his Cosplay Kings outfits.
But after confronting Starr Castor suddenly appeared in the corridor alongside Rabbit leaving him confused before Castor flew off and disappeared without a trace.

Assassin wants Max Heat

Assassin once again took to the ring to call out Max Heat who since returning has screwed Assassin out of the Shield Pro Heavyweight Championship and then caused a distraction last month in a Tag Team match which lead to the SHowman being the victim of REVolution members Victor Von Valtz and Archon.
This time Assassin would once again be left waiting as instead of Max Heat, REVolution member The Beast Louis Hanlon would make his way to the ring.
Assassin has never backed away from a challenge to date and so they had referee Jack Foster get into the ring and get a match underway!
The Beast lured in Assassin with some unlikely praise before landing a vicious headbutt after Assassin respectfully went in for the handshake.
The Beast’s power was too much for Assassin but you can never count out the veteran too soon as the fans stood shocked when Assassin took The Beast off his feet!
Not only off his feet but Assassin had Hanlon in position to finish him off when the screens lit up with Max Heat’s countdown distracting Assassin.
This gave Hanlon time to compose himself and as Assassin returned his focus to the match after Max Heat once again failed to show The Beast then took down the veteran with a brutal forearm for the 3 count continuing the Grunge City REVolution’s winning ways.

Hayden vs Hayze vs Nyte

Rosie Nyte was filming an apology to the Almost Pro Faithful for missing out on the last episode but promised to be back in action for Almost Christmas when Emily Hayden made her intentions to be a Challenger known only for Angel Hayze to throw her name in the hat wanting her Championship back!
Rosie Nyte’s a fighting Champion so she accepted both challenges. The Almost Pro Women’s Championship would be defended in a triple threat match!
And from the second the bell rang there was barely enough time to take a breath as all 3 Women left it all on the line knowing the winner walks away with the biggest prize in the Women’s division.
In the hardest hitting match we’ve seen in the Women’s division so far Rosie Nyte’s title reign looked in Jeopardy! Emily Hayden hit Angel Hayze hard with a huge slam but Hayze had enough energy left to roll herself under the ropes to avoid a cover. As Hayden chased her down Nyte was able to roll The Best, The Beautiful, The Only up and retain the Almost Pro Women’s Championship!
Hayden was less than happy with the result as she then went to assault the Champ after the match and in a surprise turn of events Angel Hayze returned to the ring to rescue the Champ and show some respect!
Rosie’s night wouldn’t be over there as on her way out of the arena the lights went off and a video appeared on the screens to reveal Rosie Nyte’s next Challenger for the Almost Pro Women’s Championship at Shield Wars!

Assassin lays out a Challenge

After being cost yet another victory Assassin was angry! Our cameras caught up with him unleashing his frustration backstage but Assassin would then use our cameras to send a message.
He wants Max Heat at Shield Wars in a fight!
Will Max Heat respond?
Only time will tell.

Almost Pro Championship

Oliver Barrett has been demanding serious competition of late and after surviving The Primate last month (just) he would this time be defending his Almost Pro Championship against the Prize Fighter, Dean Ford!
As the bell was about to ring and get this match under way Nicky Starr would again make a surprise appearance and claim he was officially cleared to compete and wanted to use his number one contendership opportunity and insert himself into this title match!
After checking with the backstage staff it was confirmed that Starr had in fact been cleared and this match would be officially turned into a triple threat match!
Ford and Starr took an early partnership attempting to take the Champ out of the equation but it wouldn’t take long to devolve into a brawl between the fan favourites. After all the Championship is on the line. This allowed Barrett to take a breather and pick his spot and take down his opponents.
In true Almost Pro Style these 3 competitors gave it their all in an attempt to be walking into Christmas with the Almost Pro Championship around his waist and we came so close to a title change on a few occasions but it was the Champion Oliver Barrett who would come out on top! With Ford laying prone on the floor Barrett caught Nicky Starr mid air onto his shoulders driving Starr into Ford with a vicious Death Vally Driver and then covering Ford to retain!

A Christmas Gift!

Inspired by their team mates victory the remaining members of Tri-Bad hit the ring to celebrate and then offer a Christmas present to a lucky Tag Team. A shot at the Almost Pro Tag Team Championships!
This challenge would be answered by none other than Lil’ Smash and his partner The Freak Show who made his debut in the Shieldiversary Rumble!
At first Tri-Bad thought it was a joke but to Smash and Freak Show it was no laughing matter!
The young team gave it absolutely everything and came so close to embarrassing the Champs but the power and experience of Tri-Bad would prove too much and Tri-Bad would retain the Tag Team Championships!

Santa Claus is coming…. WHAM!

Not satisfied with the win Tri-Bad looked to send a violent message to deter Smash and Freak Show from pulling a stunt like that again.
This would be prevented as none other than Santa Claus and his number 1 Elf entered the arena with gifts for the Almost Pro faithful!
Santa and his Elf would turn out to be Fracture the Clown and Rabbit who would issue a challenge of their own to Tri-Bad and offer them to pick on someone their own size!
Tri-Bad would accept their second challenge of the night and the Certified Freaks came at them strong hoping they would spend Christmas as the NEW Almost Pro Tag Team Champions!
It looked like that wish was about to come true but as Fracture the Clown was over powered Oliver Barrett would jump at the chance to send Rabbit crashing from the top rope and into the running knee of Paddy Flannagan who would retain the Titles for Tri-Bad.
As the Champs stood over their opponents bragging they would fail to notice Smash and Freak Show re-entering the ring to dish out a low blow each followed by a pair of stunners to the Champs!
It didn’t benefit them in their attempt at the titles but the Almost Pro crowd seemed to enjoy it!

The Main Event!

It’s Main Event time as Martin Kirby makes his debut going one on one with The Primate with the winner heading to Shield Wars to face Kid Fite for the Shield Pro Heavyweight Championship!
The match would have a slow build up as the two competitors cautiously felt each other out looking for weaknesses.
This quickly escalated into a battle through the Almost Pro Arena. Nothing was safe not even the Christmas decorations as Kirby and Primate were both aware of the stakes and what they would have to do to book their ticket to Shield Wars!
Kirby seemed to have an advantage looking like he was going to have a victorious debut however Primate with a burst of energy and a hellacious spear would pick up the win and sign off the Main Event of Shield Wars 3!
It will be The Primate vs Kid Fite for the Shield Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship!